MDA Online


The Medical Directory of Australia (MDA) is the country’s leading online medical database used to search and locate doctors and health facilities nationwide.

Now containing over 75,000 practitioner records, the MDA has been trusted by health professionals and businesses since 1914 to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information on the medical industry in one convenient location.

Why use MDA Online?

Developed to meet the ever changing needs of the Australian medical community, the MDA has evolved into an easy-to-use, online format that is adaptable to each user’s requirements. With the click of a button, registered MDA Online users can instantly search doctors and facilities by speciality and location, and locate multiple records and the same time. From GP’s searching for referral specialists, to transcriptionist services looking to verify the names of practitioners, the MDA Online is the go-to resource on Australia’s health professionals.

How reliable is MDA Online?

MDA Online is committed to making sure its data is accurate and reliable. All data in the MDA Online is verified and updated daily by our team – and is available immediately to anyone who signs up for an MDA Online Account.

All personal and business listings on MDA Online are completely free of charge, and doctors and practices can advise us on any changes to their displayed information by contacting or using the online feedback form provided on the listee page.

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