AMPCo: Promoting better health through communication


Who we are

Established in 1914, the Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Medical Association. A respected publisher in the health care sector and the leading provider of medical list rental and data licensing services, AMPCo is committed to producing leading-edge health information and resources.

What we do

With a team based in our central Sydney office, AMPCo maintains a portfolio of successful products and is always developing new and exciting initiatives. We not only support healthcare professionals, but provide services to key stakeholders right across the medical marketing, publishing and business sectors.

Broadly, the operations of AMPCo can be divided into two main departments: publishing and medical data.


AMPCo publishes Australia’s premier general medical journal, the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), in 22 issues per year. Ranked in the world’s top 30 general medical journals, the MJA is trusted by the medical industry to deliver the ground-breaking results of research in Australian clinical practice and cover the most important topics affecting healthcare.

The MJA editorial team now also produces the country’s highest circulating medical e-newsletter, MJA InSightInSight provides a reliable and thorough news wrap of all the latest developments in local and international research, along with in-depth feature articles, and commentary from the top medical experts on the week’s most talked about health issues. In addition to InSight, MJA also releases industry news and job updates via the online hub MJA Careers.

Medical data

AMPCo is the number one source for Australian healthcare information, possessing the biggest and most comprehensive medical databases and marketing lists in the country. AMPCo also develops the innovative software and applications used to manage and analyse this data.

Our information is not limited to names and locations; instead AMPCo data consists of detailed profiles on healthcare workers and facilities. As it currently stands, we have accurate and up-to-date data on over 70,000 doctors alone.

Between the Medical Directory of Australia, MDA Connect, MasterLink, and our Medical List Rental and Licencing services, AMPCo has the programs to support healthcare professionals, medical businesses and marketing companies to meet their objectives.