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The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) is Australia’s leading general medical journal. The first issue of the MJA was published in 1914. The Journal publishes high quality research and commentary to inform health policy and influence medical practice in Australia. Professor Virginia Barbour is the MJA’s Editor-in-Chief. 

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The MJA is published twice a month, with one issue in January and one in December (22 issues a year), and covers all the important topics affecting Australian health care. The MJA publishes the latest Australian clinical research, evidence-based reviews, medical education, and authoritative medical opinion and debate. The MJA encourages comment and debate from readers. 

The MJA believes that journals should be measured by a range of metrics. The MJA is indexed in PubMed and major medical and scientific journal indices. MJA articles are highly cited in research articles and policy documents. In 2023, the MJA had 24, 500 individual subscribers, over 170 000 monthly views online at, and in 2023, there were over 1.06 million article downloads via Wiley Online. The MJA is a Q1 journal. 

Free and open access to research articles 

The MJA encourages the highest quality of research and believes research must be easily and rapidly disseminated to all who might benefit from it. From January 2012, all MJA research articles are freely available online. The MJA has a strong commitment to Australian Indigenous health and makes all Indigenous health articles free to access. Authors can now make their article open access via repository-based open access (there is no cost for this, though there is a 12-month embargo) or journal-based immediate open access, which is made available through the MJA’s publishing partner, John Wiley and Sons Inc, and is subject to the payment of article processing charges (APCs). Authors affiliated with institutions in Australia and New Zealand that are participating in Wiley’s Council of Australian University Librarians Read and Publish agreement may elect to publish open access at no charge to individual authors. 

Partnership with Wiley Online

The MJA has partnered with John Wiley and Sons Inc to publish and distribute the journal. The MJA is produced by the Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) — the most influential membership organisation representing registered medical practitioners and medical students of Australia. 

As part of this partnership, the full archive of all MJA articles — dating from 1914 to the present — have been digitised and can now be accessed via the Wiley Online Library at 

Along with the complete digital archive of the MJA, the Wiley Online Library also provides subscribers with access to online-first articles, the ability to purchase individual MJA articles, and a simplified process for seeking permission to reproduce full or part articles. 

Advertising with the MJA

To find out more on advertising opportunities with the MJA visit the AMPCo advertising page.