Doctor Verification Service


Doctor Verification Service

Do you want to verify your target doctors? If yes, MDA Verify is your solution.

Doctor verification system

MDA Verify is a verification system that authenticates your selected Australian doctors to ensure that only the doctors you choose are accessing information on your secured websites. This ensures that your website is compliant with Medicines Australia Code of Conduct by verifying that the doctors that visit your sites are authenticated.

User-friendly interface

MDA Verify’s interface validates a website user against the Medical Directory of Australia using a combination of their name and doctor's registration number. This API-based system allows clients to easily connect with doctors that visit their websites, which can then be used to improve the marketing campaigns and content that they want specific users to access. As each marketing campaign has unique objectives, we help our clients reach their marketing goals with ease. Connecting with the right doctor audience now is easier with our new user-friendly tools that fit your business goals.

Regular updates on data

Get access to an up-to-date health care database of over 210,000 health care professionalds and medical organisations. We confirm our data against qualified third-party sources and cross-reference and verify all information before it is added to the database. Over 4,000 changes per day make it the most current and reliable information you can get about your target group of medical practitioners. No other company has access to these multiple sources, making our data quality unmatched.

A Sydney-based team of developers and data integrity officers make MDA Verify the most reliable and comprehensive online verification service for health care organisations nationwide. That is how we can continue to deliver high quality medical data for our clients.

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