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InSight+ — our medical e-newsletter and website — is one of the highest circulating medical online magazines in Australia. It is trusted to deliver groundbreaking news on the medical and health care industry. Whether or not you are an MJA subscriber, you will get the latest news and opinions from the health care industry sent straight to your inbox. Above all, we can get you access to what all health care professionals think.

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Every issue, every article, every poll is open to the general public, with views from policy makers, opinion leaders, academics, clinicians and more. That is why 56,000 newsletter subscribers and 70,000 online readers a month come from different demographics to read InSight+. InSight+ is high quality medical content that brings you high impact research and opinions in an easy-to-digest format.

Analysis that goes beyond the research

Readers can always rely on InSight+ to provide high quality and accurate information on the issues that matter most. Our high quality medical content will be your companion to MJA content.

Expert commentary

Along with the weekly news and features, InSight+ offers in-depth analysis on the key topics affecting health care via thought-provoking commentary pieces. Contributors include academic leaders such as Prof Virginia Barbour, the Editor-in-Chief of the MJA, leading medical researchers and health care experts, along with blog posts from health and science journalists. What does the latest research mean to patients and doctors at the coalface of health care? InSight+ will tell you. From podcasts to polls to online comment forums, our website is your window to expert health care commentary.

More discussion and feedback

In each edition, there is a simple way for readers to respond to the week’s content. Readers contribute their thoughts and questions via the comments section below each article. That is why and how InSight+ has discussions on headline issues revolving around the health care and medical industry. Be a part of the discussions and provide your feedback to get the best insight on medical findings.

Advertising with InSight+

With the highest open rate of any general medical newsletter, InSight+ reaches a large and diverse medical audience. Our website engages all audience groups from medical students to professional health care companies. We continually strive to reach out to our audience group throughout Australia and globally. Ready your advertising to be seen by a large group of general practitioners, medical care companies and more. What adverts matter to you will matter to us. To find out more about advertising with InSight+, visit AMPCo’s advertising services page.