Advertising with AMPCo

We have a variety of premium advertising services for competitive prices.

AMPCo can tailor an advertising package to meet your campaign and make your message stand out. Depending on your budget, diverse readership across our publications targets the right audience, for your product, in the best way possible.

e-Journal Advertising

The MJA e-journal provides a prestigious setting for your product advertising to target the right health care audience. No other publication in Australia allows you to target both specialists and GPs in one publication. The MJA is published twice a month with one issue in January and December (22 issues a year).

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are placed in the MJA and InSight+ websites. We have a range of weekly and fortnightly newsletters that are sent to our wide audience, with higher open rates than the industry average. Get a placement reserved for your advertising to target the specific doctor audience to suit your product.

Sponsored Content

Advertisers can get fully supported sponsored content targeting a valued audience. Sponsored content allows our clients to associate themselves with a therapeutic area and gain recognition among their target audience.

Where will advertising appear?

Once you decide to advertise with us, your ad can appear in more than one publication. We provide a range of advertising options to choose from and target a variety of audience demographics across our e-Journal and online publications to achieve your goals.


Sponsored Content

We also have a variety of 'Sponsored Content' for advertisers. Each sponsored content will uniquely be available for our large group of doctor and practitioner audience:

  • Articles : Sponsored email newsletter article space for advertisers.
  • Supplements : Research findings and peer-reviewed papers with the MJA.


Contact us to find out more about our media kits and rates.

e-Journal advertising
Digital Advertising


MJA e-journal and website (

The MJA is ranked 16th globally among general medical journals. With a prestigious reputation over 100 years, we provide regular client advertising for our unique doctor audience.

The MJA website is where readers can search and view past MJA issues and articles. Medical practitioners, doctors and health care professionals all visit the website for the latest MJA news. The MJA website is home to affiliated sections, such as MJA Careers, MJA Jobs Board, MJA Bookshop, and InSight+. Visit the MJA website to view available advertising areas here.

With a large new and repeat audience every month, holds one of the largest audiences of health care professionals in Australia. The MJA website provides its clients with access to a large diverse and dynamic doctor audience.


InSight+ is one of Australia’s highest circulating medical e-newsletters, delivering weekly news and expert analysis on health care issues to the medical community. With detailed doctor profiles from MDA, clients can target the InSight+ audience with unmatched precision. This profiling feature allows advertisements to appear to your selection of practitioners by discipline. Targeting can also be done by location and field of practice. Now, it is easier to target the practitioners that are relevant to your product-specific campaign.