MasterLink is AMPCo’s application for managing your licensed AMPCo data, giving you direct access to the most comprehensive database of medical practitioners in Australia.

Easy-to-use, reliable and accurate, this powerful marketing and research tool will help you identify and segment your target market with precision.

Inside MasterLink

MasterLink is not just a list of names, but a detailed information profile of health professionals nationwide, including more than 72,000 doctors. Within the application, you can pin-point exactly who you should be targeting in your campaign by searching under a variety of fields including:

  • age
  • location
  • qualification
  • discipline
  • gender
  • field of practice
  • prescriptions per day
  • areas of interest

But wait, there’s more

Because MasterLink combines the basic information with the detail, it’s a perfect application for planning, managing and implementing any mail out or campaign. You can save and conduct multiple searches at once, receive regular data updates, make notes on entries, profile key health professionals and download files for direct mailing and marketing applications – all in one convenient location.

Download MasterLink Information Sheet here.

Free trial version now available

MasterLink trial version called MasterLink Counts offers an array of selection criteria to be applied to searches within AMPCo’s comprehensive medical database. This powerful tool supports general or specific searches providing up-to-date counts on healthcare practitioners and locations in Australia. To start experiencing MasterLink click here.

Contact us

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