Need to mail or contact the same group of doctors several times a year? MasterLink is for you.

Making the right connections

MasterLink is our signature product that helps our clients manage their licensed doctor data. It helps our clients use their licensed doctor data to propel their marketing and sales strategies. Our clients get immediate access to their choice of data with regular updates. MasterLink provides multiple criteria searches, notes on entries, campaign creation, and file downloads for mail merges. Our easy-to-use accurate yet powerful marketing tool helps our clients identify and clearly segment their target market with precision.

Targeting the right doctors

MasterLink is more than a list of doctors. It provides an in-depth detailed profile of health care professionals and medical organisations across Australia. The application can create audience segments by showing results for over 30 parameters, including age, location, qualification, discipline, gender, field of practice, prescriptions per day, areas of interest etc.

Best tool for marketing campaigns

Because we combine basic information with detailed information, it’s the perfect tool to plan, manage and implement your marketing campaigns. You can save and conduct multiple searches at once, receive regular data updates, make notes on entries, profile key health care professionals and download files for direct mailing and marketing applications — all in one.

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You can manage the flow of information in and out of your database while reducing the data management workload.

In-house access to MasterLink means instantaneous availability. Design reports according to your specifications.

Lets you concentrate on building your specific doctor profiles while relying on us to gather and maintain quality information.

How can you use this data?

You can make unlimited use of the data for:

  • Accurate identification of targets/prospects
  • Profiling and prioritising doctors and health care professionals
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Personal contact
  • Telephone and fax contact
  • De-duping of existing records
  • Market research
  • Internal reports and analysis
  • Territory management

Our data sources are legitimate and permissioned.

We take pride in our data security policy and governance. Our source includes:

  • The list of registered doctors in Australia
  • The Medical Directory of Australia (MDA)
  • Regular mailed requests for data
  • Selected Medical Publication circulation lists
  • Field reports from industry sales representatives calling on HCPs
  • Samples Plus (a syndicated sampling program for GPs)
  • The Medical Registration Board
  • Direct mail programs
  • InSight+ weekly e-newsletter
  • Australian Medical Association members
  • The Medical Journal of Australia subscribers
  • Hospital data

Try our free trial version now

Still not sure if you want to license data from us? Try using our free trial version, MasterLink Counts. This version allows you to count and search specific criteria within our medical database for free. To start experiencing MasterLink Counts click here.